10 years of goals : 28 things before turning 28.

10 years of goals : 28 things before turning 28.

Hi everyone, It’s Hope. Today, I decided to show you my bucket list for the next 10 years, It’s going to be the 28 things I want to do before turning 28.

1. End my studies.

2. Learn to speak a foreign language.

3. Do the destinations I mentioned in this blog post.

4. Go on a trip with my mom.

5. Skydiving

6. Attempt a music festival.

7. See at least one of my fav in concert.


8. Go on a trip with my grandma.

9. Face my fears.

10. Tell Selena Gomez I love her in person. Continue reading “10 years of goals : 28 things before turning 28.”


Keep an open mind #1

Keep an open mind #1

Hi everyone, it’s Hope. Today, enough about traveling (not for too long though ha-ha). I love reading and I decided to share with you, one book each month to keep your mind open, makes you think in a different way, or just to increase your knowledge.

Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us by Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink is an American journalist born in 1964. He wrote Drive : the surprising truth about what motivates us in 2009. Continue reading “Keep an open mind #1”

Wanderlust travel tag

Wanderlust travel tag

    Hi everyone ! It’s Hope, and today I decided to come back with a tag : the wanderlust travel tag. My blog won’t be all about traveling, but that’s all I want to do lately, so it’s a little bit harder to write about something, because you know, travelling is life.

1. Where have you travelled to that you would love to travel again ?

Ireland. No hesitation. Food, landscapes, people, music and more, I love everything about Irish people and culture. I’ve spent three weeks there two years ago, it was the best trip of my life. And I didn’t cross the country, there are so many landscapes left to see.

Un pont à Dublin
Hello Dublin, my love.

2. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object where are you going ?

Ummm… Dubaï or Australia…. What a dilemma ! There are so many things to do with both of them. I’ll go for Dubaï but my wanderlust side would say a huge road trip in Australia. Yeah, definitely Dubaï and I’ll take my mom and grandma with me because they deserve it so much.

3. Preferred method of travel; planes, train, or cars ?

Planes, planes, planes. Then train and last cars. Actually, I’m carsick, so it’s easier for me to choose. But I’m so obsessed with road trips that I want to get my driver’s license…

4. Favorite travel website ?

I don’t have like one travel website, actually, when I get ready for a trip, I check out blogs or vlogs on YouTube. I might even buy some books but it’s not a website so I’ll say blogs ha-ha.

5. Where would you travel to just eat the food ?

Great question, I’m actually a huge food lover and it’s so hard to decide. When I go to Belgium, I just can stop eating like waffles, french fries, “fricadelle” and much more. But I’ll say Lebanon, it’s just that the food there is so healthy and so greasy at the same time, I’m in love!

Waffles in Antwerpen, Belgium.

6. Is there a place you would never go again ?

No, I think I love travelling so much that I always take the best of my destinations and forget what went wrong somehow so there’s no place I would never go again.

7. Can you recite your passeport number from memory if asked ?

Yes, it’s weird but yes ha-ha.

8. Do you prefer the Window, Aisle, or middle seat ?

Window, no hesitations.

9. How do you pass the time on the airplane ?

When I’m alone, I listen to music, read, sleep (of course), or I can simply admire the sky while getting lost in my thoughts. When I travel with someone, I love playing games or watch Tv shows together or just simply talk. Sometimes, I can be a little bit tiresome, but don’t blame it on me, I’m an angel.

sunrise aiplane

The tag ends there but I’m kind of a maniac and 10 questions is better than 9, right ?

10. Who is your best mate to tavel ?

Literally, if I love you, you’re an amazing mate to travel.

And that’s all for today, tell me in the comments down below, where would you travel just to eat the food ?

See you next time, bye !

credits to : afoodawakeningblog.com

3 destinations, 1 woman.

3 destinations, 1 woman.

Hi everyone ! It’s Hope and today I come with my very first article which is talking about traveling.

I am absolutely obsessed with traveling, the world, meeting new people and recently, the idea of travelling alone jumped into my head. Here’s my “run the world alone” bucket list.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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