Hi everyone, It’s Hope. Today, I decided to show you my bucket list for the next 10 years, It’s going to be the 28 things I want to do before turning 28.

1. End my studies.

2. Learn to speak a foreign language.

3. Do the destinations I mentioned in this blog post.

4. Go on a trip with my mom.

5. Skydiving

6. Attempt a music festival.

7. See at least one of my fav in concert.


8. Go on a trip with my grandma.

9. Face my fears.

10. Tell Selena Gomez I love her in person.

11. Fall in love all over again with the love of my life

12. Get one foot on the Maracanã’s grass.

13. See the Taj Mahal.

It’s marvelous.

14. Watch a soccer game in the Signal Iduna Park (Borrussia Dortmund) just the hear the well-know “You’ll never walk alone“.

15. Visit the Mme. Tussauds’ museum in London and take a selfie with Taylor Swift.

16. Go to Disneyland Paris with my bft (best friend twitter).

17. Eat tapas in Madrid.

18. Learn to cook macaroons.


19. Get my driving licence.

20. Buy an expensive handbag or pair of heels.

21. Write a book.

22. Get lost while driving and find a wonderful hidden place.

23. Take a dance class with my boyfriend.

24. Move out of my parents house.

25. Put one foot on, at least, 3 continents.


26. Volunteer for a cause.

27. Train for a marathon.

28. Go camping.

That’s all for today. I still don’t know if I’m going to do a post each time I reach one goal or if I’ll post one post per year or each 6 months, tell me in the section down bellow which one you rather. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

See you next time, bye!


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