Hi everyone, it’s Hope. And today we’re getting back to taveling!

       I am going to talk about my favorite places in Brussels. My family lives near the city so I won’t tell you places where a basic tourist goes (I mean not everything haha). These are my favorite places to escape or learn about history or simply go for a walk or shopping.

First things first, I’ve eaten the best french fries in my life on the place Jourdan, I can’t find the adress, but you just have to follow the crowd and you’ll find it in the easiest way. When you have your bag of chips, go grab a beer at “Chez Bernard” still place Jourdan (address: Place Jourdan 47, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels) yes you can enter with what you just bought to eat, amazing, right?

Want to visit the Royal Palace? It’s possible, but usually during the summer, I drive by every time I go to Brussels, it’s kind of a young girl dream you know being a princess in a palace, so this place makes me feel good.

Bruxelles Lion
Spring is good to Belgium.

Then it’s time for history, you can visit Coudenberg better known as the Former Palace of Brussels. Sit-in the the middle of Brussels is an underground site that contains the remains of the Palace of Charles V. Beginning in the middle ages, overlooking Brussels a series of monarchs transformed a small fortified castle into a giant residential palace. It conveys great values.

For the best shopping, I recommend you the Rue Neuve, where you can find the following list of stores like Zara, Primark and more… And of course, get lost in the history center, you’ll always find a good place to grab a coffee, a beer or just get yourself full of laughs, memories and great times.

Pubs in Bruxelles
Brussels by night

Aren’t you hungry? Maybe it’s time for dinner and, you know what, I have found the best place ever, the brewery “A la mort subite” (address: Rue Montagne aux herbes potagères 7, 1000 Brussels). The atmosphere is great, beers also, and I have not tasted the entire menu yet, but I recommend you the “omelette et son fromage”. And to end the day in the best way, have a walk on the “Grande place”, by night, it’s just A-MA-ZING.

And that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed visiting a small part of Brussels with me, if you already have been to Brussels, what is the best thing to do according to you ? And If not, what do you want to do?

See you next time, bye!


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