#ShareTheLove Instagram version

#ShareTheLove Instagram version

Hi everyone, it’s Hope. And today I’m so excited to come back with a new blog post because it’s been a long time that I haven’t written down something and I’m so sorry that last week I didn’t post anything neither here nor on twitter (@hopetalks_). I had a week full of exams and my life was pretty stressful these last couple of weeks, but anyway, I’m here now! I really needed to do  a share the love today and in a previous post, I kind of told you that I was going to do a top something about instagram but I went for a #ShareTheLove.


I know that usually it’s the big bloggers that do a #ShareTheLove for the small ones, but I don’t care haha sorry. Enough of talking, let’s go!


  • @thebravestitch : Disney is bae.

We all know that we still have a Disney side and mine is big af. I follow a few disney accounts on Instagram, but that’s by far my favorite because it’s made by a girl I know irl with her own pictures taken all around the world and, I don’t know, It feels like magic in my timeline.

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Because Disney is always good to me


  • @beauteactive : #passionpalmier

I think that we all follow our favorite people from YouTube on Instagram. Originally from Caroline & Safia, she now owns her YouTube channel and her blog. I think I follow her everywhere ( I swear I’m not a stalker haha). She’s kind and beautiful, she travels a lot, makes great YouTube videos and so many beautiful pictures on Instagram. I think you know now why I love her haha.

Because she’s making beautiful pictures #PassionPalmier


  • @revivaltour: Because Selena is the Queen


The reason why that’s one of my favorite accounts is because it’s just Selena, her beautiful voice, costumes, dancers and just revival. I’m so obsessed with this album and tour, it’s so amazing to wake up in the morning and see a lot of pictures of the last night show. I don’t know, it just makes my day feel better. So thank you Selena.

Because Selena is the Queen


  • @365daysoftraveling : Because you know, traveling…


I don’t know if that’s even necessary that I explain why I’m in love with this account, right? Beautiful landscape, travel and, yeah, traveling!

Because marvelous landcapes are always good


  • @sandrea26france : last but not least


I also know her from YouTube, Sandrea is a French youtuber living in the USA because she married an army guy. She’s sweet, beautiful, nice and her videos are always a good thing is a bad day. She’s an inspiring person and just follow her you’ll understand why.

Because she’s a girly mom with great vibes


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. I was thinking making an OOTD or a makeup tutorial tell me in the comments down below which one you rather. Also tell me your 3 favorites people to follow on Instagram, I’ll be happy to check that out and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@hopeinyxurself) and on twitter (@hopetalks_).

See you next time, bye!