Hi everyone, it’s Hope and today I come back with a trend topic treated in a weird way, I am going to do a #BackToSchool post and talk about why I am scared to take the classes this next year.


I don’t shout this over the place, when I was eleven to fifteen years old, I got bullied in school by my group of “friends” and a small part of my school, that’s a story I only told to two friends of mine and I am not even ready to explain the whole thing in a blog post.

Last year, I was a pre-med and, in France, this year is known for being difficult, but to me, it was hell. I only talked to two people, only one time and that’s all. These classes were crazy, the teachers were not passionate, I discovered a whole world that is absolutely not the world I wanted to work in. I completely changed my mind in terms of the social part of the healthcare, it’s all about money and the place you have in the society. Anyway, I quit almost one month after the year’s beginning.

Since that day, I didn’t take classes, went to college again, never told my parents what was happening in my life, my boyfriend was the only person I was seeing on a regular basis. I was alone the rest of the year, except during the holidays where I was meeting my friends in my hometown.

These two experiences make me feel anxious about the start of the new school year, even though I am going to study something I really (like really really) love : English.


And that’s all for today, I am sorry for not post anything this summer, as you can understand these past few months was hell to me and I hope you can forgive me. I really would like to know what are you going to study next year and where.

See you next time, bye!


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