Hi everyone, it’s Hope and today I wanted to come back with a simple blog post no serious talk or anything, we’re just going to have fun. So, without further do, let’s go for the Instagram tag!


 1. What’s your username ?



 2. When did you create your Instagram account ?

Ummm 3 years ago I think, I downloaded it when I got my first smartphone. I kept saying that when I xill have my new phone I will get instagram like, I was so exited about it, that’s the first thing I did ha-ha.


 3. Which is the first picture you posted? 


I deleted it and I can’t remember which one it was, sorry!

 4. How many times do you log in ? Per day/week ? 

A few times a day, I’ll say 4 or maybe 5. I mean that depends on what am I doing during my day, but lately It was something like 65 times a day ha-ha I swear I am not addicted!


5. What is your worst picture ?



6. Which picture has had the most likes? 

That’s the day I took my picture for my resume. And I can assure you, the selfie of my resume is not quite good…


 7. How many followers do you have ? How many people are you following ?

170 accounts are following me and I am following 101 accounts.


 8. Who is the last person who liked on of your pictures ?

@belgiummotivation, not really a person but still a account. 😉


 9. Name one brand/celebrity you are following ? One brand/celebrity who follow you (if there is any) ? 

Of course, Queen Selena Gomez, were you expecting that too ? And, sadly, I don’t have any celebrity or brand that follows me.


10. Show us your top 3 pictures? 


11. What is the last picture on your Instagram feed? 



And that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post, comment down below your instagram username, I’ll make sure to follow you there. And if you like my blog, subscribe for more!

See you next time, bye!


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