How to spend the best day in Brussels.

How to spend the best day in Brussels.

Hi everyone, it’s Hope. And today we’re getting back to taveling!

       I am going to talk about my favorite places in Brussels. My family lives near the city so I won’t tell you places where a basic tourist goes (I mean not everything haha). These are my favorite places to escape or learn about history or simply go for a walk or shopping.

First things first, I’ve eaten the best french fries in my life on the place Jourdan, I can’t find the adress, but you just have to follow the crowd and you’ll find it in the easiest way. When you have your bag of chips, go grab a beer at “Chez Bernard” still place Jourdan (address: Place Jourdan 47, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels) yes you can enter with what you just bought to eat, amazing, right?

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3 destinations, 1 woman.

3 destinations, 1 woman.

Hi everyone ! It’s Hope and today I come with my very first article which is talking about traveling.

I am absolutely obsessed with traveling, the world, meeting new people and recently, the idea of travelling alone jumped into my head. Here’s my “run the world alone” bucket list.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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